When and Why Women Lack Sexual Desires

Having sexual desire is an integral part of being a human being. It is a basic characteristic of every living person in this world; and it is something which even women are entitled to. After all, their bodies are capable of producing estrogens which are primarily responsible for the generation of sexual urges in women.

But What is Sexual Desire?

Sexual desire is basically the longing for sexual intimacy. It can be described in many ways. From holding hands to doing sexual intercourse, as long as it does give off sexual pleasure, it is considered desire. In simple words, it can be referred to as libido.

According to several studies, the sexual desire or libido of women is relatively lower compared to the desire which men emit. This is because women are more concerned about the emotions that go with the act of doing sex rather than focusing on the act itself.

When Women Lack Sexual Desires

But despite the leniency women show towards sexually related matters, the women’s lack of desires is quite a big problem. Whenever women lack sexual desires, great stress and frustration takes over and it often leads to depression and too much insecurities.

Why Women Lack Sexual Desires

According to medical professionals, the interest of women on sexual activities is due to a variety of reasons. Generally, it could either be due to physical differences or psychological problems.

Most of the time, women lack sexual desires due to the limited production of estrogens. Estrogens are basically the hormones produced by the female human body which is primarily responsible in generating one’s sexual urges. Usually, this situation may be due to the medications women take; particularly birth control pills.

There are also diseases which may trigger women to lack sexual desires. Some of it may be anaemia, diabetes, and Hyperporlactinaemi or overactive pituitary gland. More so, addictions may lead women to lose sexual interests. Drug abuse and alcoholism could definitely play a major role in the gradual decrease of interest women have on desires.

As for the psychological problems which make women lack sexual desires, the primary reasons would definitely be depression and stress. It is understandable that when a woman is under great pressure and anxiety, her attention would most likely be diverted to solving the problem rather than noticing her sexual needs. More so, it can also be considered that lose interests on sex due to failed relationships. This aspect is particular with the partner whom the woman is having sex with. When there is a problem between the couple, there is this great possibility that sexual desires and activities will be inhibited.

Psychological problems why women lack desires can also include their emotional backgrounds. Women who experienced sexual abuse during their childhood, or whatever experience which could trigger their fear towards sexual activities, are most likely to lose sexual interests compared to those who didn’t experience those kinds of abuse.

The deterring surroundings may also be classified under psychological reasons why women lack sexual desires. Culture and traditions may be two of the major reasons why women have to suppress their desires.

Identity could also play a role in why women lack sexual desires. Latent homosexuality can affect it terribly, especially if the woman concerned has a partner from the opposite sex.

The Cure for Women

Basically, the cure for women who lack sexual desires depends on the reason why desires are inhibited. There are a variety of methods to do in order to get over this sexual disorder. If the cause is from the physical aspect, medicine intakes could be suggested. If it is due to some psychological problems, therapies would most likely be the remedy.

But whatever the cure is, women who lack sexual desires will only regain their interest on sexual activities if they help themselves regain it. As said, desires are part of human nature so women should not take it for granted. If there is a problem, it should be acted upon. Otherwise, life would never be the same again.